Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

I was thrilled to be asked to take part in the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester for the Great Northern Graduates Award. Lucy Harvey, the curator saw my work at New Designers. Each exhibitor there had a playful and highly skilled approach to their practice, from 'pixelated' ceramic vases by Ceramicsx who plays with the idea of 2D/ 3D- handmade/digital to Rob Anderson who's metal sake set showed of the hours that went into them and the beauty of metal as a material. 


I came back from Manchester feeling inspired to focus in on the details of my work. I have visions to really make the depth of surface as intricate as possible, the colours as intense as possible. I want for the viewer to be able to keep looking at the peices and discover something new each time. I would love them to grow to new heights or for the communities to turn to crowds who inhabit every part of the city.