My graduating project from Central Saint Martins, named HumanWare, originally came as a response to the sterile and corporate environment which surrounded me as I studied within the new Granary Square development at Kings Cross. 

I would walk out of college, and notice the huge building blocks rising further and further above me, the grey paving creeping to cover every bit of ground, the space felt static, cold and uninviting. 

On my journeys home though, I would notice the people, the awkward way we interact with each other on the train, the different cultures you see as you make your way through the city, various fashions, styles and personalities making the city undeniably vibrant, diverse and colourful. 

HumanWare is a celebration of those people, a representation of the awkwardness, yet the strength, the diversity and the beauty which counteracts grey and generic city spaces. Each is an individual, some with vibrant surface, some of human scale, some have hairs and blemishes, but all are unique. 

Rather than become frustrated at the city's increasingly corporate landscape, HumanWare goes some way to challenging it, interrupting it and generating life and interaction which is right now more important than ever. 

Using the raw material of clay and organic ceramic techniques, I was able to generate a range which a bright and unique celebration,a bottom-up politics, accentuating the good things about difference and the vibrancy of the city.



Photo Credit: James Barnett

Photo Credit: James Barnett